10 types of wedding guests

Are there different types of wedding guests? Yes! Some are true classics, but if you are not clear, discover here how to identify the friend flirt, the aunt who does not stop crying or the addicted to social networks. You will have a blast!

The typical wedding guests

1. The golden bachelor or bachelorette: In every wedding there is always a brother of the groom or a cousin of the bride who has just gone single and half the guests want to take them out to dance. Do you know who will be yours?
2. The one who hits on everyone: After trying to pick up the golden bachelorette, that friend of the groom will not give up hope of finding the love of his life among all the ladies on the wedding guests’ list. He will strive to achieve his goal the entire evening.
3. The aunt who will not stop crying: There is no wedding in which she does not carry a bag full of handkerchiefs. Surely she will need them all, since she will not stop feeling emotional at all times.
4. The extra official photographer: That guest who will take their latest generation camera and will not stop taking pictures of everything and everyone. Ask them to show you those after the wedding, surely you will find yourself a nice surprise!

5. The sweetness addict: It will be very easy to identify because they will love your candy bar and will eat all of the sweets during the whole night.
6. The newlyweds: They probably married a few months before you, so they can not avoid making continuous comparisons with their own wedding. It’s normal; they just went through the same thing. Do not take it badly; surely you would do the same.
8. The one who drinks one too many glasses: What would the wedding guests be without the typical friend or cousin who drinks everything on the bar? A wedding is to enjoy it, so long as you do not end up in the pool, do not stop the party!

9. The one who hates weddings: It is very normal that among the wedding guests there is always that someone who only sees negative aspects in the marriage. And they are more than likely to make comments related to divorce, the lapse of love and that sort of thing. Surely you know who they are, so try to sit them away in case the bad energies are contagious.

10. The owner of the bouquet: There is always a friend who would kill to get the bridal bouquet at the moment of throwing it. That is why she does not think twice to push and fight anyone to reach that desired treasure. She probably plans on doing it at every wedding she attends, and she may even have her own bridal bouquet catalog at home as she loves flowers.

The day of your wedding will be a great parade of wedding guests, good and funny moments, laughter and emotions. Take advantage of each one of these types and laugh at everything!

Wedding inspiration for 2017

We find that heading over to Pinterest and creating yourself boards about what you envision your wedding to be can be a great start to your dream North East Victorian country wedding. And the best thing about Pinterest is that you can share your pages with your bridesmaids, best friend, family or create a secret board just for you. This is what we are pinning this week. Sharing images from our wonderful local foodies, wedding florists, Melbourne civil marriage celebrants, accommodation and venues as well as fabulous finds from all over the internet. So if you’re after some wedding tips and inspiration, you can follow us here and also our Facebook page.

Our latest inspiration from Pinterest is Autumn colours. As the north east of Victoria starts to cool down, we are looking through our country inspiration boards for ideas at Regional Wedding Guide. We can help book your favorite place in the region from Albury Wodonga right through to Milawa and Bright.

Are you only months away from your wedding? We have found a few inspirational boards to help you over on Pinterest.

Get the Scoop on Melbourne Before You’re Too Late

Brisbane is a bit different with respect to the gay scene. Melbourne might be the optimal/optimally spot to retire in Florida for any number of explanations. It has a huge range of transportation options. The next time that you are flying out of the Melbourne, you may want to think about utilizing the airport’s parking facilities.

Melbourne – Dead or Alive?

You move to another city and you locate the perfect job. It is widely thought of as one of the greatest cities on the planet to reside in. You might locate that without a designated area he’ll begin to dig up your whole garden. When you have chosen a specific location, you then have to consider the neighborhood crime prices, local taxes and other difficulties. It’s a popular tourist destination with people from all around the Earth, partly due to its many attractions, terrific climate and lovely scenery. Particularly if your trip involves a trip to the remarkable Nobu. On the opposite hand, if traveling isn’t an issue, then national events can be extremely advantageous.

Top Choices of Melbourne

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The Nuiances of Melbourne

There are tons of gay bars and clubs to select from but they’re spread out throughout the city and aren’t all in 1 place like in Sydney. You are able to choose from an assortment of distinct clubs here. Another of the foremost sports in the nation is cricket.

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Introducing Melbourne

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